ePIC Blockchain Technologies on the forefront of a breakthrough in chip design specifically for bitcoin mining

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (January 4, 2018) – 360 Blockchain Inc. ("360" or the "Company") (CSE: CODE – FWB: C5B – OTC: BKLLF) continues to execute on its business plan to deploy its capital and expertise  in blockchain technologies by initially investing $100,000 into  ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc. (ePIC).

ePIC’s mission is to deliver best-in-class blockchain processing hardware. Its primary focus is to design scalable, highly energy efficient crypto currency mining tools and infrastructure. Recognizing that crypto-currency miners are repurposing chips not designed to process for crypto-currency, and that those chips are globally sold out as soon as they are available for pre-order, ePIC ‘s first generation chip is being specifically designed for bitcoin mining and targeted for private beta in Q2 2018 with general availability by Q4 2018.



“360 Blockchain Inc. has invested $100,000 in ePIC to accelerate the development of ePIC’s purpose-built cryptocurrency mining chip,” said Mr. George Tsafalas, President and CEO of 360 . “ePIC has a defined focus that resonates strongly with our team. The infrastructure required to mine cryptocurrencies represents a massive business opportunity and we are focused on finding start-up technologies that can empower the blockchain revolution and deliver significant results to our shareholders,” added Mr. Tsafalas.

“With support from companies like 360 , ePIC will be able to accelerate the development of our first-generation bitcoin mining chip,” said Mr. Scott Howard, CEO of ePIC Blockchain Technologies. “The growth of bitcoin is driving the cottage mining industry into commercial scale operations. With a block being hashed roughly every 10 minutes, the only advantage available is the ability to place more processing power on the network and chips are the processing power source. Crypto miners need dedicated chip producers that are not competing with their clients by mining in parallel and that is what ePIC intends to deliver to its partners like 360,” noted Mr. Howard.


About ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc.

ePic is committed to being the global best-in-class blockchain ASIC design house; developing the critical hardware to drive the expansion of decentralized computing and blockchain protocols. With market leading client services, an independent and non-competitive business model, ePIC is positioned to create client success. Launching its first-generation Bitcoin ASIC in 2018 at two times the current market standard hashing power, ePIC is poised to be a core partner to the crypto-currency mining industry. 

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Scott Howard

CEO, ePIC Blockchain Technologies Inc.

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