Vancouver, BC – 360 Capital Financial Services Group Inc. (“360 Capital” or the “Company”) (CSE:TSZ, announces that its shareholders approved all matters placed before them during the annual general and special meeting on June 29, 2017 (the “Meeting”).

The number of directors was fixed at five. David Stadnyk, John Gan, Nikita Chou, Ullrich Schade and George Tsafalas were elected to the board of directors of the Company. Manning Elliot LLP was reappointed as the auditors of the Company. And the share consolidation was approved at a ratio of up to 10 to1.

A total of 44,131,678 common shares representing 50.43% of the issued shares of the Company were represented at the Meeting and voted either by proxy or in person. Shareholders present in person or represented by proxy voted 94.56% in favour of all matters placed before them at the Meeting.