Technology breakthroughs prove that greater speed and reliability are possible on the Company’s enterprise-grade blockchain platform

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (June 27, 2019) – Codebase Ventures Inc. ("Codebase" or the "Company") (CSE: CODE - FSE: C5B – OTCQB: BKLLF), an investment company, is providing an update on its portfolio holding Arcology and the results of its recent tests. These results support that company’s long-held assumptions about its new and unique approach to data handling, and that it’s possible to build an enterprise blockchain platform that exceeds current technologies in both performance and price.

“Efficient, accurate and trustworthy data storage is central to all blockchain technologies, but even today’s fastest blockchains underperform when compared to centralized systems,” said Laurent Zhang, Arcology’s founder and president. “This is largely due to certain restrictions in data handling. Arcology’s first-of-its-kind architecture breaks down these barriers, allowing us to employ distributed databases to process and store transactions at rates unseen elsewhere.”

 The tests prove that:

“Having designed and tested our applied distributed database, we found absolutely no conflicts that will prevent further development,” said Zhang. “We are now prepared to move beyond conventional single database structures to distributed databases, which offer many advantages, including greater speed and reliability. This is critical to bringing Arcology’s unique technology to market as a commercial product.” 

Since becoming a Codebase subsidiary, Arcology has consistently delivered new technology that supports Zhang’s vision of an enterprise blockchain that stores data more quickly —and more cheaply — than the industry’s frontrunners. Under his leadership, Arcology’s technical team has built an aggressive product roadmap that calls for public testing to begin in the coming months.

“These results represent a significant milestone achievement for Arcology,” said Zhang.  “For an industrial-grade blockchain platform to win mainstream adoption, we must see more than just white papers and slideshows. We must see results in the real world. That’s precisely what Arcology has delivered with these latest tests.”