Fully owned subsidiary ICO Ranker puts Codebase Ventures in ideal position to capitalize on Bitcoin’s resurgence and the arrival of new opportunities for retail and institutional investors

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (May 17, 2019) – Codebase Ventures Inc. ("Codebase" or the "Company") (CSE: CODE - FSE: C5B – OTCQB: BKLLF), is providing an update on the Company’s holdings and exposure in the cryptocurrency markets, which have begun to show signs of rebounding from 2018’s sluggish cycle.

The Company continues to operate one of the most highly respected token review websites, ICO Ranker (icoranker.com). Founded in 2017 when bitcoin was still largely unknown to the general public — and many investors — ICO Ranker established itself as a must-use marketing tool for Initial Coin Offerings.

“As global marketing spend for ICOs dropped during the 2018 downturn, ICO Ranker’s publisher, Jeff Koyen, implemented cost-saving measures to reduce the Company’s burn rate,” said George Tsafalas, Codebase President and CEO. “Jeff also made the decision to redesign the website and expand the business model to reflect a broader mission.”

ICO Ranker’s broadened mission includes the following components:

“We credit these decisions for ICO Ranker’s continued importance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem,” explained Jeff Koyen. “In particular, many Industry experts attribute Bitcoin’s current bull run to the growing popularity of IEOs and STOs, which make it easier for institutional and retail investors to participate in token sales.”

The new ICO Ranker website is expected to launch on or around June 1.