As the world becomes more integrated with technology, the Metaverse is quickly emerging as a lucrative way to advertise and promote businesses and services – blurring the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds and altering how we allocate and monetize daily goods and services. As such, Cypher aims to be a pioneer within this blooming industry, by acquiring strategic plots of virtual real estate in the  Metaverse and building out social and community areas, Cypher will be positioned to greatly profit from this meteoric shift into the Metaverse. 

As companies such as Meta, Nike, Adidas, Atari, etc., all rush to stake their virtual claim within the metaverse, Cypher is two steps ahead. By acquiring strategically placed plots of virtual land within the  Metaverse and integrating other exciting Web 3.0 business opportunities, Cypher is ideally positioned as an early participant.